Embracing a healthy eating lifestyle can sometimes be overwhelming. We've cut through the clutter and curated our favorite books, programs, gadgets and more. Browse this gallery to find the support you need.

If you're a food blogger looking for tools to build a better blog, improve photography or get started shooting video, we've got you covered too! 

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{title} - {author} Recipe Development & Food Photography for Your Brand or Blog

Need extra time for your blog or business? Want to elevate your blog with creative recipes and enticing food images? Let dietitian, professional recipe developer and photographer, Gretchen F. Brown, assist you by providing mouth-watering recipes and photos for you to claim as your own.

{title} - {author} Recipe Video Services

With nothing more than a recipe, let Annemarie Rossi create cutting edge video that will turn your kitchen creation into a media-worthy wonder.

{title} - {author} Smart Sound Music

Search through tons of customizable tunes for your food video how-to or website. They have a song for every topic, mood and personality.

{title} - {author} Soularty

Order handcrafted back drops and props for your photography table straight from Poland. With a great deal on shipping, it's hard to beat some of their eccentric designs.

{title} - {author} Erickson Wood Works

Add to your food photography props with some large handmade boards and backdrops. The industry is in love with these products!

{title} - {author} Music for Food Bloggers

Are you wanting to create truly custom cooking videos? Bryan Den Hartog writes custom music for blogging and food videos and demonstrations. This basically means that he collaborates with you, the blogger to create a one of a kind project. Check it out to make your videos stand out!

{title} - {author} Ketoish Kitchen

Ketoish Kitchen is more than just another food blog. It is a specialized branch of Katherine Chase Photography, formed for the convenience of Registered Dietitians, Food Bloggers, and Food and Beverage Product Companies. Ketoish Kitchen provides top shelf photography, video, and recipe creation.


{title} - {author} Video Basics e-course

Go from clueless to clued-in with this introductory e-course. Nationally recognized dietitian Regan Jones provides a step-by-step overview of the equipment and skills needed to start producing video today!

{title} - {author} Tasty Food Photography ebook

Be proud of your food photos by joining the more than 8,200 people who have taken their food photography to the next level using Tasty Food Photography ebook.

{title} - {author} FREE COURSE - Instagram Story Board Basics

A FREE course for influencers who want to produce more professional looking Instagram Stories

{title} - {author} Food Photography Basics

An Easy-to-Follow 1-Hour Course to Get You Started Taking Better Pictures

{title} - {author} Cannon Digital Camera Body

Shoot video just like you would with a camcorder. Great photo and video quality all in one.

{title} - {author} Cannon Camera Body and Kit

Cover all the bases when it comes to accessorizing and camera care. Camera comes with batteries, case, strap, cleaning kit, extra battery and more. 

{title} - {author} Mac Portable External Hard Drive

With 1, 2, 3, or 4TB of memory, be ready to back up all of your video and audio action.

{title} - {author} Portable External Hard Drive for Mac

You can choose your amount of storage and then begin transferring quickly to and from your Mac.  

{title} - {author} Aluminum Tripod Legs with Column

Set up a sturdy recording scene quickly every time with this tripod at any angle.

{title} - {author} Cell Phone Tripod Adapter

Smartphones can do almost everything. Grab this adapter to shoot from the comfort of your trusty iPhone.

{title} - {author} Twin Leg Video Tripod Kit

Look no further for a tripod compatible with modern recording devices.

{title} - {author} Professional 70” Adjustable Tripod with Bag

This adjustable tripod comes with a durable carrying case for steady recording on-the-go.

{title} - {author} Lapel Clip-on Microphone

Create some action in your films while moving up to 20-feet away from your recording device. Clip secures the microphone to your lapel ensuring quality audio even on a windy day.

{title} - {author} Wireless Microphone Bundle

Cut out messy wires and cords with this pack including two transmitters, two receivers, microphones and audio mixer.

{title} - {author} Device Compatible Microphone

Create video with excellent sound quality on your smartphone, camera, computer or camcorder with this sleek clip-on design.

{title} - {author} Sennheiser Omni-directional Mic System

Easy to maneuver microphone system searches for up to twelve available frequencies. Compatible with many systems for quality sound.

{title} - {author} FloLight Fluorescent Video Lighting

Lamps are included in this lightweight set up with zero flicker. A steady light to create the best ambiance for anything you may be shooting.

{title} - {author} Canon R700 Camcorder

Jump head first into video with this beginner level priced camera. Zoom in on steady video on its user friendly interface.

{title} - {author} Nikon D610 Camera Bundle

This camera bundle has it all with 23.4 megapixels, video capability and eight accessories.

{title} - {author} Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit

A lighting set up specifically designed for professional lighting at a beginner's price.

{title} - {author} Teleprompter

Recreate a professional studio teleprompter set up with this easy to use teleprompter (use with ipad or tablet; camera not included)

{title} - {author} Tailwind Pinterest Scheduling App

Schedule Pins, Discover Content, Monitor Pinterest, and Measure Results. All in One Platform.

{title} - {author} Food Photography Lighting

Want to take beautiful pictures, but never seem to have natural daylight when you need it? This Lowel Tabletop Light is a favorite among food bloggers and recommended personally by Healthy Aperture site owner, Regan Jones, RD.


{title} - {author} Nutrition Coaching with Emily Field, RD

Whether you would like to track macros or take a more traditional approach to nutrition, Emily Field, RD has a program for you. She prides herself in demystifying all things food to help clients create a flexible diet they can easily execute.

{title} - {author} IMMA EAT THAT Nutrition Counseling

Specializing in disordered eating, Kylie can help mend your relationship with food, your self image and how eating translates into self-care. She takes an un-diet approach grounded in the principles of intuitive eating to help you achieve your nutritional goals. 

{title} - {author} Joyful Eating, Nourished Life

Created by three Registered Dietitians who specialize in intuitive and mindful eating, Joyful Eating, Nourished Life is a virtual 6 week group program that teaches you how to get healthy without deprivation, calorie counting, or stress about food or exercise. Rather than introducing restrictions into your life, we’ll instead challenge the way you interact with food and exercise and create awareness of the emotions behind those decisions. 

{title} - {author} Nourish

Have you tried every fad diet and still don’t see the results you want? Do you wonder if sensitivities to the foods you’re eating are preventing you from losing weight? Do you struggle with nagging cravings that sabotage your efforts to eat healthy? Would you like to feel more energy throughout the day? Don’t settle when it comes to feeling your best. With Nourish -- created by Danielle Omar, RD -- you can create the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

{title} - {author} Healthy Kitchen Makeover

What would you do if you could make eating well easier by just changing up your environment? Let dietitian Rebecca Clyde help you organize your kitchen, living, and work spaces into areas conducive to eating and moving well. 


{title} - {author} Vegan Holiday Treats

Are you looking for easy, festive, and totally delicious vegan holiday recipes? Perfect. This is the ebook for you.

{title} - {author} Born to Eat: Whole, Healthy Foods from Baby’s First Bite

Wendy Jo Peterson and Leslie Schilling bring us back to the basics of eating. Stripping away marketing schemes and processed foods, they'll take you on a journey from feeding your little ones to creating a good relationship with food as an adult. A must read for new parents.

{title} - {author} Rise and Shine: Better Breakfasts for Busy Mornings

Give your kids--and yourself--something to rise and shine about! 75 recipes from registered dietitian Katie Morford that make the first meal of the day worth waking up for.

{title} - {author} Fresh Italian Cooking

Written by Registered Dietitian Alex Caspero Lenz, Fresh Italian Cooking is a nourishing, modern take on Italian cuisine, a great addition to anyone who is looking to eat more plants.

{title} - {author} Maple: 100 Sweet and Savory Recipes Featuring Pure Maple Syrup

Food blogger Katie Webster takes you behind the scenes of her backyard maple sugaring hobby in this gorgeous cookbook filled with maple-inspired recipes ranging from barbecue sauce to classic cocktails to delectable desserts and everything in between. 

{title} - {author} The Snactivist’s Handbook

Written by registered dietitian mom Sally Kuzemchak The Snacktivist’s Handbook is the ultimate toolkit for any parent who wants to make positive change to the junk food snack culture, whether that’s in youth sports, at school, at camp, or even at home.

{title} - {author} Conquering Your Kitchen

Written by food blogger Annemarie Rossi, Conquering Your Kitchen is a comprehensive guide that walks you through the steps of how to plan meals, shop, and cook real food with confidence and purpose. It offers 80, 30-minute-or-less recipes that are easy to prepare, so you can incorporate these meals and snacks into your schedule even during your most hectic days.

{title} - {author} Nourish Your Namaste

Are you curious about alternative holistic health practices can improve your health and wellbeing? Written by registered dietitian Kara Lydon, this book will give you the tools to use holistic practices to improve digestion, immunity, energy and relaxation so you can feel better without popping pills. It will also help you learn how to fuel your body properly for yoga so you can improve your practice.

{title} - {author} The Ultimate Guide to Food Prep

People have good intentions when it comes to food prep but they have one of the following excuses: They don't have enough time. They don't know what to make. They don't like eating leftovers. Don't let these excuses prevent you from doing food prep. Let Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean guide you through overcoming these obstacles.

{title} - {author} Dinnertime Survival Guide

Women are juggling more roles and more responsibilities than ever before. But somehow, some way, dinner's still got to get on the table. Cooking Light Dinnertime Survival Guide with Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD of will help women navigate mealtime armed with strategies, tips, and recipes that are targeted to the specific issue they have with dinner.

{title} - {author} Fast & Simple Gluten Free

Getting a hot, delicious, gluten-free meal to the table every night can seem like a challenge when time and growling stomachs are demanding food now! But you can turn the tables from stressed to dressed in no time with Fast and Simple Gluten-Free, your one-stop solution to creating fast, family-friendly meals in a half hour or less


{title} - {author} Vegan T-Shirts

This vegan t-shirt is made by American Apparel; designed and printed in London using ink suitable for vegans. This is a durable, long lasting, soft and smooth fine jersey, made from 100% cotton.

{title} - {author} Bee’s Reusable Wrap

Change the way you store food with sustainable food wrap made with bee's wax and other natural components. This pack of three can last up to a year with proper care. A great way to go green.

{title} - {author} Pamela’s Gluten Free Bread Mix

Enjoying homemade gluten free yeast breads can be a challenge. This mix creates a tasty yeast bread dough to use in all of your gluten free recipes.

{title} - {author} Pamela’s Gluten Free All-Purpose Flour

With 10 grams of whole grains per serving, Pamela's is a healthy alternative to wheat flour in all-purpose baking for people living with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease.

{title} - {author} Kura Smoothie Powder

Kura is a delicious, natural way for everyone in your family to enjoy a high quality protein-packed smoothie that also offers a pre- and pro-biotic boost!

{title} - {author} Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

Promote healthy hair, skin and nails with this collagen powder that can easily be incorporated into your everyday recipes.


{title} - {author} Square Griddle Pan

The eleven inch square pan heats evenly and is large enough to make multiple servings at once. Nonstick coating and a cool handle and make it easy to use and clean.

{title} - {author} Cuisinart Waffle Maker

A must-have for every breakfast lover. Nonstick coating and adjustable knob ensure the perfect waffle every time.

{title} - {author} Keurig Latte Maker

The maker of the k-cups has stepped up their game with a fool-proof cappuccino and latte system. The fast and easy option for a frothy cup of java.

{title} - {author} Instant Pot

This is revolutionizing cooking. The stainless steel multi-purpose unit can be programmed to achieve the desired dish every time. Simplifying dinner prep for our busy lifestyle. 

{title} - {author} KitchenAid Stand Mixer

This truly is the staple of a food blogger's kitchen. With multiple speeds and multiple attachment options, it does it all.

{title} - {author} Cuisinart Immersion Blender

The secret to the perfect creamy soup is this 2-speed hand held blender. It's comfortable to use and comes apart for easy cleaning.

{title} - {author} NutriBullet Blender

This high speed blender comes with multiple cups, lids and blades. It's perfect for personalizing smoothies, protein shakes or party dips and clean-up is a breeze.

{title} - {author} Vitamix 5300 Blender

Create soups, smoothies and other concoctions with this certified refurbished blender from Vitamix. A quality product featuring variable speeds and a pulse feature to reach your desired level of yummy blendedness.

{title} - {author} OXO Food Scale

One of the secrets to better baking is using a food scale to measure ingredients. This OXO scale is easy to use and accurate, making it a valuable addition to your kitchen.