Healthy Aperture FAQ

Inclusion into the photo gallery at Healthy Aperture does not imply that the site, its founders or the Editorial Team endorses the nutrition or health information presented at each individual blogger’s site. Images and posts are approved based on photo quality and recipe content only.

How do I register for an account?

As of August 2017 submissions to the Healthy Aperture gallery will no longer be subjected to an image review process before they are posted to the site. Images will automatically post as soon as they are submitted. However, only members whose profiles have been approved for a membership upgrade will be able to submit images using this improved process. Editors will continue to review the site periodically to ensure posted images are of the highest quality and may close an image after it’s been posted if it does not meet our standards. 

While we have begun the process of reviewing the more than 6,000 bloggers who are currently members of the site, members who submit most frequently with the highest rates of approved images were granted upgraded membership status first.

This means you will not be able to submit images to Healthy Aperture until your membership has been upgraded. We will be approving more members during a registration period in 2018. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REQUEST A MEMBERSHIP, PLEASE SIGN UP HERE.

How Can I Register For The Site?

As of August 2017, new users may only register for the site during a specified enrollment period. Member registrations are currently closed and will not reopen until 2018. To be notified once enrollment re-opens, please join our Waiting List.  

How do I retrieve or change my password?

To change your password, you must first login with your assigned password via the "login" link found above the social (pinterest, twitter, facebook) buttons on the home page. Once logged in, you can change your password.

What are the rules for inclusion on the site?

  1. All work must either be your own or you must attribute to whom it does belong. We do not accept posts that use stock photography or violate copyright. Any violations will immediately be rejected and/or removed and the user account will be deactivated.
  2. Only posts that link to a post/recipe meeting general nutrition criteria will be accepted (see below for further explanation). Images that link to a post with no recipe or nutrition information available for our editors' evaluation may not be approved. 
  3. Food photos must be beautifully composed and visually balanced.
  4. Images must be no less than 250 x 250.
  5. We reserve the right to remove posts at any time.
  6. All submissions are reviewed by an editorial team and subject to their final approval.

Do I have to provide nutritional analysis with the recipe on my blog?

No. But we do require that each submission contain at least one health or nutrition-related tag or category and encourage you to also mention these benefits within your own blog post. It not only helps the editorial team review your post for inclusion in the gallery, but more importantly helps your readers understand why they should prepare your food.

This site is not intended as a “prescription” for any one particular “diet.” Its goal is to inspire people to incorporate more healthful recipes in their daily lives. Please do keep in mind though that all submissions will be reviewed against the established nutrition criteria (see below).

Note: If you are a health professional (registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, etc.) or recipe developer with a particular area of nutrition or health-related expertise (gluten-free, etc.) we encourage you to tag that when submitting your image.


Where can I view my gallery?

All user-specific accepted submissions will be showcased on their individual gallery, which can be found at

Is there a site badge to promote my gallery on my blog?

Yes. Get a badge here

If I see an image I like, how can I find similar recipes?

Clicking the recipe title of any image in the gallery will take you to that image's dedicated post page on the Healthy Apeture site. On this page, you will see recommendations for similar images. You can also check the Categories page link from the navigation bar. 

My previously accepted images are no longer on the site. What should I do?

If you notice any of your images that were accepted & posted to site prior to 11/26/12 are no longer available, please notify us via the Contact page.

How do I crop my image to 250 x 250?

"How to" crop and export to a 250 x 250 image differs depending on what type of post processing software you use (iphoto, Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.). Please refer to the help section of your software for guidance. If you are unable to determine how to export a square 250 x 250 image from your current post processing software, we also recommend the free, online service -, which allows you to crop to a square and specify the dimensions of the image you'd like to save. 

(Note: a 250 x 250 image is square. If you are attempting to upload an image that it is NOT square, it is NOT a 250 x 250 image).


My food company or PR agency would like to work with you on a Sponsorship. Who do I contact?

With more than 5,000 bloggers submitting content to the site, is the only site of its kind devoted solely to healthy food blogs with high quality, visually appealing content moderated by registered dietitians. To learn more about how your brand or clients can amplify your health, nutrition and food marketing messages through the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network, please email Regan[at]HealthyAperture[dot]com. 

What is the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network? How do I join?

In 2013 Healthy Aperture launched the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network -- the first sponsored blogger network devoted solely to healthy food blogs offering high quality, visually appealing content. Participation in the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network is exclusive to our contributors and connects them with brands for a variety of opportunities, including sponsored posts, giveaways, contests, social sharing promotions and more.

To join the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network, update your profile in the "accounts" section of the site by visiting

Why am I getting an error when I try to submit?

The most common reason for errors when submitting to the site is the filename. Filenames should not include any special characters. Try removing any special characters from your filename and resubmit. If that does not resolve the problem, please contact us using the Contact page on the site.