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  • [Trend Spotlight] Kohlrabi is Closing In On Kale

[Trend Spotlight] Kohlrabi is Closing In On Kale

Posted by janethelm
June 08, 2015
Featured in: Trend Spotlight
[Trend Spotlight] Kohlrabi is Closing In On Kale

by Janet Helm, MS, RD

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I know, I know. Lots of vegetables are lining up to be the new kale.  I've even declared several potential contenders in the past, including cauliflower and beets.  Well those vegetables have had their moment. Now it's time for kohlrabi to shine.  There seems to be a growing consensus that kohlrabi, a cousin to cabbage, may be well positioned to take the crown from kale, including these trend predictions from the  Daily Mail and Conde' Nast Traveller.  Healthy Aperture bloggers have been ahead of the curve, creating some innovative dishes with the knobby green or purple kohlrabi -- everything from Raw Root Vegetable Bowls  to Kohlrabi Fennel Slaw with Blue Cheese and Walnuts and Kohlrabi Chickpea Salad.

This member of the Brassica family of vegetables is similar in taste and texture to jicama, broccoli stems or radishes -- and it can be eaten raw or cooked (roasted or steamed).  Kohlrabi is amazingly versatile. Salads are an obvious place to start.  You can use a spiralizer to transform kohlrabi into noodles, or cut  into match-sticks and combine with other vegetables. Besides the bulbs, don't forget the tender leaves on the long stems, which can be treated like collard greens and kale.

[Trend Spotlight] Kohlrabi is Closing In On Kale

Get the recipes:
Kohlrabi Noodle Salad by Inspiralized
Carrot and Kohlrabi Salad with Harissa by Bourbon and Honey
Butternut Squash Pasta with Kohlrabi Greens by Inspiralized
Kohlrabi Salad with Cilantro and Lime by Feasting at Home


[Trend Spotlight] Kohlrabi is Closing In On Kale

A classic kohlrabi preparation is soup.  You can add chunks of kohlrabi along with other vegetables to soups and stews, or have kohlrabi be the star in a creamy, pureed soup.
Get the recipe: Vegan Cream of Kohlrabi by Vegan Miam

[Trend Spotlight] Kohlrabi is Closing In On Kale

Or try turning your kohlrabi into fritters.
Get the recipe:  Celeriac and Kohlrabi Rosti by MJ and Hungryman

Have you tried kohlrabi?  For many people (including some of the Healthy Aperture bloggers), the first time they tried is when kohlrabi showed up in their CSA box. Look for it next time you're in the produce aisle in your supermarket or you visit your local farmer's market.  And come back to Healthy Aperture for some kohlrabi inspiration. 



Janet Helm is the author of the FOOD TRENDS Feature on HealthyAperture and is a registered dietitian who wears multiple hats – as a public relations executive, blogger and nutrition journalist. Currently, she is the Chief Food and Nutrition Strategist in North America for Weber Shandwick, a global public relations firm. Janet is also the co-founder of Healthy Aperture, founder of Nutrition Blog Network and author of The Food Lover’s Healthy Habits Cookbook. She blogs at Nutrition Unplugged and for WedMD and is a former media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and nutrition, and a master’s degree in dietetics from Kansas State University. Janet lives in Chicago with her husband and 10-year-old twins.
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