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[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

Posted by janethelm
June 09, 2014
Featured in: Trend Spotlight
[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

~ By Janet Helm, MS, RD

The a.m daypart is getting increasingly creative in restaurants, and breakfast menus are featuring an array of craveable, memorable and flavor-forward dishes, according to a recent article on "Breakfast Break-Outs" in Flavor & The Menu

The article cites data from The NPD Group that says U.S. consumers made more than 12.5 million breakfast visits in 2013 -- a 3 percent gain over 2012. Convenience, speed and protability are the holy trinity, wrote Katie Ayoub, but flavor, as usual, trumps everything. Here's a look at the top 12 breakfast trends, with creative interpretations of these trends by Healthy Aperture bloggers. 

1. Asian Inspired 

Asia flavors are seeping into most areas of the menu, and that's true of breakfast. Yet the morning application is more likely expressed through accents and finishes rather than authentic replications. Examples cited in the article included Pim Bop Bacon & Eggs "Stir Like Crazy" at Tasty n Alder in Portland, Ore., Bib Im Bop at Tweet in Chicago, and Japanese Breakfast with poached egg, miso dashi, sweet potato, and greens at Boulettes Larder in San Francisco. Pictured above is an Asian-inspired breakfast: Eggs of the Orient by Therefore I Yam

2. Savory Oats

We're moving beyond brown sugar and maple syrup in our breakfast grains. A single-themed restaurant in New York called OatMeals brings this to life with build-your-own bowls featuring an abundant menu of sweet and savory offerings, such as The Croque Monsieur with diced ham, shaved Gruyere, nutmeg, sea salt, cracked pepper and steamed milk. Here's Savory Mushroom and Herb Steel Cut Oat Risotto by Foxes Love Lemons

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

3. Artisinal Meats

Building off the charcuterie trend at the bar and appetizer menu, artisanal meats are being interpreted at breakfast with various in-house sausage and meat curing, with a tie to provenance -- from an Irish sausage to Spanish-style smoked chorizo to a Portugese linguica. Pancetta and sausage have a starring role in these Cheesy Egg "Crepes" by The Cozy Apron

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

4. Breakfast Sandwich Bravado

Lots of creativity going on with the sandwich format -- incuding the Sandwich I Am offering from Snooze that stars a soft pretzel roll filled with scrambled eggs, cheddar and a sausage patty, served with a side of smoked cheddar hollandaise or the Falafel Dog with spiced chickpea bratwurst on housemade pita with olive aioli, roasted tomato, marinated eggplant and peppers, arugula and tahini hot sauce at Mud Hen Tavern in LA. Take a look at these sumptuous Butternut McMuffins with Kale by The Miniature Moose.

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

5. Wondrous Waffles

Waffles have become the hip starch at breakfast, with lots of tinkering with the batter and even the format -- such as moving away from the stack and into carriers. Spiking waffles with extra protein, fiber and good-for-you ingredients is a popular trend, like these Yogurt and Flaxseed Waffles by Real Mom Nutrition.

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

6. Europe's New World

The article says we're moving away from a generalized Mediterranean call-out on menus into more localized flavor pockets, like the Sicilian Hash with braised pancetta, arrabbiata and over-easy egg at Tasty n Alder in Portland, Ore., or Full English Breakfast of fried eggs, pork sausage, blood pudding, bacon, tomato and mushroom at The Breslin in New York. Here's Scotch Eggs by Jane's Adventures in Dinner.

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

7. New Sides on the Block

Bacon is still a favorite, but restaurants are serving up new sides in the morning, such as caramelized grapefruit with mint at Egg in Brooklyn, sauteed kale and sweet potato cakes at Ria's Bluebird in Atlanta and turmeric rice at Hugo's in Agoura Hills, Calif. Here's an amazing looking recipe for Cilantro Hash Stuffed Portobellos by Running to the Kitchen.

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

8. Pancakes Far From Flat

Pancakes are breakfast's ultimate comfort food and they're shifting away from the basic short stack. At Snooze, diners can order a Pancake Flight, choosing three pancake flavors that include Pineapple Upside Down Pancakes and Molten Chocolate Lava Pancakes. LYFE Kitchen offers Quinoa Buttermilk Pancakes served with fresh berries, Greek yogurt and pure maple syrup. Here's Banana Coconut Stuffed Pancakes by Eat Within Your Means.

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

9. Cutting-Edge Condiments

It's no longer just jam, jelly, ketchup and maple syrup in the morning. Now maple syrup becomes smoked maple syrup or hazelnut syrup, raspberry jam gives way to housemade fig preserves, and condiments reflect the global influence at breakfast -- sriracha, gochujang, guajillo, soy sauce, hoisin, and harissa. Take a look at this Roasted Carrot and Kale Bibimbap with Sriracha and Soy Glaze by Buttercup and Bourbon.

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

10. Latin Moves

Menus are moving beyond simply breakfast burritos. Latin flavors are coming through with dishes like Corn Arepas at Tweet in Chicago, Pork Belly Chilaquiles at Xoco in Chicago, and Huevos O' Groats at John O Groats in LA. You can find several versions of Huevos Rancheros on Healthy Aperture, including this dish by Culinary Hill.

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

11. Alternative Grains

New whole grains are making big appearances at breakfast, especially quinoa. This high-protein, gluten-free grain is often served up in the popular breakfast bowl concept, along with chia and grains like barley, farro, and amaranth. Here's Creamy Amaranth Porridge by Meaningful Eats.

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

12. Breakfast Beverages

Morning drinks include exotic tea blends, pedigreed coffees, immunity boosting smoothies, freshly made juice concoctions and creative hand-mixed shakes. Here's Chai Coconut Bubble Tea by MJ and Hungryman

[Trend Spotlight] Breakfast Trends

For the full article on Breakfast Break-Outs by Katie Ayoub, see Flavor & The Menu


Janet Helm is the author of the FOOD TRENDS Feature on HealthyAperture and is a registered dietitian who wears multiple hats – as a public relations executive, blogger and nutrition journalist. Currently, she is the Chief Food and Nutrition Strategist in North America for Weber Shandwick, a global public relations firm. Janet is also the co-founder of Healthy Aperture, founder of Nutrition Blog Network and author of The Food Lover’s Healthy Habits Cookbook. She blogs at Nutrition Unplugged and for WedMD and is a former media spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She received a bachelor’s degree in mass communications and nutrition, and a master’s degree in dietetics from Kansas State University. Janet lives in Chicago with her husband and 10-year-old twins.
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