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[Kids in the Kitchen] What’s For Dinner Edition

Posted by robinsbite
June 26, 2014
Featured in: Kids in the Kitchen
[Kids in the Kitchen] What’s For Dinner Edition

by, Robin Plotkin, RD, LD

When friends and family would lament over the difficulty of figuring out “What’s for Dinner”, I would often puff out my chest and scoff at their inability to whip up a creative, homemade, healthy dinner night after night after night. I mean-come on! How hard is that?

That was before I had a family. #ignoranceisbliss

Seven years into it and I feel the pain. Let’s be honest—I felt it after year #2. And I like to cook. It’s part of my job. Like seriously—it’s what I do for a living. Let’s be clear-it’s not the cooking part—it’s the coming-up-with-ideas part.

Everyone needs dinner inspiration.

As part of my job, I often post pictures of food (along with dogs, a rare picture of my family and once in a while, a nature shot) over on my Instagram account.

Random shots of grilled chicken, marinating fish or fruit/nut/cheese salads are plentiful, but what was lacking, according to the comments, was a way to make these items into complete meals. Based on that feedback, I began posting pictures of our meals. The reason for this is two-fold:

1. It aids in the “What’s for Dinner” conundrum for my followers and
2 . It acts as my visual meal planner. It’s easy to scroll back and see what we were family favorites in the past and simply add them into the weekly rotation.

For the next few posts, I’ll be sharing our family dinners with you as a way to help you sludge through the “What’s for Dinner” challenge. You’ll see our dinners are simple, use few ingredients and typically fall into the “easy clean up” category.

Here’s what’s on the first What’s For Dinner menu:

  • Beef sliders with guacamole
  • Simple skillet potatoes
  • Watermelon and honeydew
  • Dill pickle

PLEASE share your ideas in the comments section. After all, we ALL need inspiration!

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