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[Kids in the Kitchen] Make Your Own Trail Mix

Posted by robinsbite
October 24, 2013
Featured in: Kids in the Kitchen
[Kids in the Kitchen] Make Your Own Trail Mix

~by Robin Plotkin, RD


There are three great things about the Make Your Own Trail Mix phenomenon.

It’s homemade
It’s not just for people hiking in the wilderness anymore
It’s a perfect first recipe for bringing kids in the kitchen because you can’t screw it up
It’s a fun and good-for-you-food for the next birthday party/ soccer snack/play date/teacher appreciation you graciously host

It’s simple, really.

1. Set out 6-8 favorite snack items that are portable, shelf stable and healthy.  Add a soup spoon as the serving utensil and instruct 1-2 spoonfuls per ingredient.

2. Hand each family member/party go-er /teammate a few zip lock baggies or reusable container and send them down the trail mix buffet line to create their individualized trail mix.

3. Each person autographs his or her personalized trail mix and the enjoyment begins.

There are no “right” ingredients.  Follow these general guidelines below if you’d like…

  • Something sweet like lightly sweetened cereal or dried fruit
  • Something salty like soy nuts, peanuts, pistachios or almonds
  • Something crunchy like mini pretzels, popcorn and pumpkin, hemp, sesame, flax or sunflower seeds
  • Something unexpected like dark chocolate, peanut butter or butterscotch chips, coconut flakes or wasabi peas (careful-these are HOT)

A typical trail mix at our house looks like this:

Cheerios + Oatmeal Squares + dried cranberries + pepita seeds + dark chocolate chips

At any given time, I can reach in my purse, glove box, kids backpack and pantry to find some level of this mixture in a variety of plastics baggies. I’m often the one eating it as a snack while I wait in carpool or hang out a various and sundry kid activity.

Break out the Make Your Own Trail Mix buffet at your next party and I promise everyone will be talking about you—and in a good way!

What are you trail mix must-have ingredients?

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