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5 New Ways to Enjoy Eggs Benedict

April 16, 2015
Featured in: Recipe RoundUps
5 New Ways to Enjoy Eggs Benedict

Brunch season has arrived. 

You hear the chorus singing, right? 

You can come out of hiding from winter. With Easter wrapping up, Mother's Day on the horizon and many summer Saturdays waiting for family & friend gatherings, it's time to start considering what to serve for brunch. Today, in honor of National Eggs Benedict Day (yes it's a #thang), we're sharing our Top 5 New Ways to Enjoy Eggs Benedict. Enjoy! 


5 New Ways to Enjoy Eggs Benedict

Baja Eggs Benedict

by Back to Her Roots                                                  

5 New Ways to Enjoy Eggs Benedict

Arugula Eggs Benedict with Herbed Waffles

by Kumquat                                                  

5 New Ways to Enjoy Eggs Benedict

South Western Style Eggs Benedict with Creamy Avocado Hollandaise

by Simply Healthy Family                                                  

5 New Ways to Enjoy Eggs Benedict

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict

by The Endless Meal                                                  

5 New Ways to Enjoy Eggs Benedict

Thai Curry Eggs Benedict with Healthy Hollandaise Sauce

by Food Faith Fitness                          


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