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[Buy the Book] The Scoop on Blogging Secrets for Health & Lifestyle Bloggers

Posted by katenealecooper
June 25, 2014
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[Buy the Book] The Scoop on Blogging Secrets for Health & Lifestyle Bloggers

~Reviewed by Kate Neale Cooper

Title: The Scoop on Blogging Secrets for Health & Lifestyle Bloggers

About the Author: Emma Stirling of The Scoop on Nutrition, one of Australia’s top registered dietitians, collaborated on this e-book with three other registered dietitians: Heidi Sze of Apples Under My Bed, Jemma O’Hanlon of eat sleep dream love food and Teri Lichtenstein of Fairies and Monkeys. Each of these women’s blogs has a very different approach and aesthetic, which is what makes this such a helpful how-to for the would-be blogger still trying to find her voice.

Focus: This incredibly efficient little ebook was written for the beginner nutrition blogger, but is a great resource for anyone who blogs—regardless of topic or experience level. By discussing everything from the ethics of disclosure and transparency to using social media tools to promote your content, The Scoop provides an invaluable introduction to blogging with intent. 

Why to Buy: What makes this book different is that it is about creating an online community, not just writing a money-making blog. While building your personal brand as a blogger is important, blogging can all too easily devolve into an elaborate exercise in self-indulgence. The Scoop’s authors offer powerful advice on avoiding that pitfall, including this fabulous gem: “You will be more successful if you spend time engaging with others, chatting and sharing good content, rather than focusing solely on self promotion. You don’t make friends with selfies.” Wondering how personal your blog should be? The Scoop also poses six gut-check quesitons you should ask yourself before posting a blog entry, picture, or comment on social media. You'll want to use that page as desktop wallpaper.

Added Bonus: The advice on dealing with negative comments, trolls, and spam is practical, professional, and spot-on.

What I Plan to Try First: The Scoop made me realize that I need to be more purposeful in planning my blog content. I’m going to plan a mini editorial retreat for myself and follow Lichtenstein’s advice for developing a clearer content strategy instead of relying on weekly inspiration to keep the content coming.

How to Get Your Copy: You can buy the The Scoop here for $9.99 AUD and start reading it today.

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