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[Buy the Book] Skinny-Size It

Posted by katenealecooper
April 15, 2014
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[Buy the Book] Skinny-Size It

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Title: Skinny-Size It: 101 Recipes That Will Fill You Up And Slim You Down

About the Author: Molly Morgan is a Board Certified Sports Specialist Dietitian. She is a blogger for and the author of The Skinny Rules. She also created the nutrition plan for The Cosmo Bikini Diet and has been featured on CNN and in national magazines, including Fitness, Shape, and Women’s Health.

Focus: Morgan advocates cooking more meals at home because preparing your own food makes it easier for you to control your diet. In a nod to indulgences, though, she includes recipes for many restaurant favorites, including breakfast burritos, General Tso’s chicken, and garlic bread. There’s even a recipe for a Skinny Gin Fizz. From the get-go it’s obvious that Morgan’s accustomed to working with athletes. She focuses not just on the quantity of calories, but on their quality as well—the classic food-as-fuel approach. Each recipe includes a brief nutritional narrative explaining a dish’s potential pitfalls and then another short explanation of how the recipe can be “skinny-sized.” For instance, explains Morgan, a traditional BLT is high in fat (most of it saturated), but low in fiber. Her ALT (the “A” is for avocado), on the other hand, delivers more than half the daily recommended amount of fiber, 45 percent of your vitamin A, and 50 percent of your vitamin C.

Why to Buy: The tips Morgan sprinkles throughout this book will teach you to make healthier choices at the grocery store and use “skinnier” ingredient substitutions that will come in handy whether you’re cooking with her recipes or not.

Added Bonus: Morgan includes an entire chapter on sauces, dressings, and dips, which often account for camouflaged calories that can sabotage your good intentions.

What I Plan to Cook First: The PB Pretzel Granola. Morgan says this recipe was inspired by a peanut butter pretzel bar she adores. Alas, I have a crush on the same snack. 

How to Get Your Copy: Amazon ($10.28/paperback, $7.69/Kindle); Barnes & Noble ($10.28/paperback, $8.49/Nook)

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