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[Buy the Book] Schedule Me Skinny

Posted by katenealecooper
August 05, 2014
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[Buy the Book] Schedule Me Skinny

~Reviewed by Kate Neale Cooper

Title: Schedule Me Skinny: Plan to Lose Weight and Keep It Off in Just 30 Minutes a Week

About the Author: Registered dietitian Sarah-Jane Bedwell is the "Eat Like Me" food and nutrition blogger for SELF Magazine. A consultant to individuals and corporations alike, she has also appeared on the Today show, NPR, and numerous other media outlets.

Focus: The premise of this book is that most dietary dilemmas can be avoided with proper planning. Bedwell offers a detailed, step-by-step strategy that centers on 30 minutes of weekly meal planning. To get you started, she offers two weeks worth of recipes, as well as “Plan B” meals for those days when life conspires against your good intentions. Her practical approach to eating well is designed to anticipate pitfalls, such as Girls Night Out, and offers specific strategies for staying on track, even if you have to stray from the plan.

Why to Buy: This slim volume is dense with great tips, including five questions to ask your waiter, a guide to freezing make-ahead meals for busy days, and advice on making fresh produce last longer.

Added Bonus: In her discussion of food journals, Bedwell includes a buyer’s guide to the overwhelming number of calorie-counting apps, recommending six solid options to help you meet your goals.

What I Plan to Cook First: My husband and I had the Mediterranean Quinoa Bowl for dinner the night I read this book. It was easy and delicious and could easily be prepped ahead of time for a busy weeknight.

[Buy the Book] Schedule Me Skinny


I’m going to try the Nutty Choco Popcorn and the Angel Eggs next.

[Buy the Book] Schedule Me Skinny

[Buy the Book] Schedule Me Skinny


How to Get Your Copy: Amazon ($10.41/paperback, $9.89/Kindle); Barnes & Noble ($10.41/paperback, $9.99/Nook)

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