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[Buy the Book] Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies

November 26, 2013
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[Buy the Book] Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies

Title: Flat Belly Cookbook for Dummies

Authors: Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE; Tara Gidus, MS, RD, CSSD; Kristina LaRue, RD

Focus: tips for shedding belly fat, simple and fast recipes, enjoying healthy foods without sacrificing flavor

Why to buy: If you’re trying to lose weight, especially in the midsection this book is for you. Not a fad diet, the book is written by three registered dietitians and contains information on decoding food labels, "eating more to lose more" and identifying belly-fat fighting nutrients.

Added bonus: The recipes in the book -- while designed to be "belly-friendly" -- are made with the whole family in mind: green bean fries, mini spinach cheese burger pizzas, and nutella crepes. It also contains practical tips on how to get a meal on the table fast and tools for how to pack a successful brown bag lunch, including recipes that travel well (like fiesta chicken salad and creamy lentil soup). The book also offers vegan and vegetarian meals -- vegetable paella, and pumpkin enchiladas to name a few. 

Where to buy: $14.06 - Paperback at Amazon or $12.99 Kindle edition  | $14.34 - Paperback at Barnes and Noble or $12.99 Nook edition


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