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Cinco de Mayo Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

Posted by ReganJonesRD
May 05, 2014
Featured in: Recipe RoundUps
Cinco de Mayo Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

It's so fun to watch people post yummy images of maragaritas and chips and salsa and chiles rellenos and insert name of favorite Tex-Mex treat here  on Cinco de Mayo... 

...right up until you realize that you've got a full day of work ahead of you, plus kids to pick up from school, plus a baseball game, plus laundry to do, plus insert any million of other things you'll be doing tonight other than celebrating with friends.

I can recall a point in my life where heading out after work to celebrate a holiday with friends was an option. And then my family happened. I wouldn't trade them for the world, but it does sort of take the shine off those carefree decisions to meet "for drinks" with friends on psuedo-holidays that are mostly about drinking and eating. 

That's not to say the rest of us have to eat pizza tonight. I mean, it IS cinco de mayo, y'all. But it's also not likely that I'm gonna be slaving away over a from scratch start to finish Mexican fiesta tonight either. I've learned laundry doesn't wash itself. 

So I asked Lindsay to comb through our best slow cooker recipes and find 12 Cinco de Mayo recipes you can make in your crockpot. Here they are!

Cinco de Mayo Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

Tacos & Burritos

Shredded Beef Tacos via Food Fanatic
Pulled Pork Mole Tacos via The Roasted Root
Wet Chicken Burritos via Prevention RD


Cinco de Mayo Recipes for Your Slow Cooker


Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup via Ari's Menu 
Fire Roasted Chipotle Posole via Kitchen Confidante 
Southwestern Chicken Chili via Peanut Butter & Peppers


Cinco de Mayo Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

Mexican Meals

Easy Crockpot Carne Guisada via The Iron You 
Crockpot Cilantro Lime Chicken via The Lean Green Bean 
Carnitas Lettuce Wraps via A Calculated Whisk


Cinco de Mayo Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

Sides & Appetizers

Healthy Crockpot Refried Beans via Lovely Little Kitchen
Vegan Crockpot Refried Beans via Prevention RD 
Hearty Crockpot Chicken & Quinoa Dip via The Dinner Mom





Regan Jones is the Founding Editor and Sponsorship Director of HealthyAperture and is the author of the QUICK FIX KITCHEN Feature - a collection of recipes that focuses on shortcut cooking without shortcut taste. Her recipes largely focus on baked goods and desserts ranging from gluten free to sugar free to slightly indulgent eats for the entire family, but also include easy everyday recipes for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Jones is a registered dietitian and owner the web's most prominent portfolio of dietitian-owned websites, including,, and She is also the host of the podcast, This Unmillennial Life, which was recently named New & Noteworthy on iTunes.
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