Healthy Aperture FAQ

Inclusion into the photo gallery at Healthy Aperture does not imply that the site, its founders or the Editorial Team endorses the nutrition or health information presented at each individual blogger’s site. Images and posts are approved based on photo quality and recipe content only.

How do I retrieve or change my password?

As of November 27th, 2012 has changed site platforms and all existing users will now need to use the "Forgot Password" link on the Submit page to log in the first time. The system will assign a password to you. 

To change your password, you must first login with your assigned password via the "login" link found above the social (pinterest, twitter, facebook) buttons on the home page. Once logged in, you can change your password.


Can anyone submit pictures?

Yes. Although the site was founded by registered dietitians we welcome all cooks, bloggers and photographers showcasing healthy recipes.

What are the rules for inclusion on the site?

  1. All work must either be your own or you must attribute to whom it does belong. We do not accept posts that use stock photography or violate copyright. Any violations will immediately be rejected and/or removed and the user account will be deactivated.
  2. Only posts that link to a post/recipe meeting general nutrition criteria will be accepted (see below for further explanation). Images that link to a post with no recipe or nutrition information available for our editors' evaluation may not be approved. 
  3. Food photos must be beautifully composed and visually balanced.
  4. Images must be no less than 250 x 250.
  5. We reserve the right to remove posts at any time.
  6. All submissions are reviewed by an editorial team and subject to their final approval.

Do I have to provide nutritional analysis with the recipe on my blog?

No. But we do require that each submission contain at least one health or nutrition-related tag or category and encourage you to also mention these benefits within your own blog post. It not only helps the editorial team review your post for inclusion in the gallery, but more importantly helps your readers understand why they should prepare your food.

This site is not intended as a “prescription” for any one particular “diet.” Its goal is to inspire people to incorporate more healthful recipes in their daily lives. Please do keep in mind though that all submissions will be reviewed against the established nutrition criteria (see below).

Note: If you are a health professional (registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, etc.) or recipe developer with a particular area of nutrition or health-related expertise (gluten-free, etc.) we encourage you to tag that when submitting your image.


What are the nutrition criteria that the editorial team is looking for?

The term “healthy” can be interpreted a number of different ways. We believe that while there are no “off limits” foods in an otherwise balanced diet, this site aims to showcase dishes that are primarily based in minimally processed, whole foods and provide at least one nutritional benefit.


  • reduction in overall calories
  • reduction in refined sugars
  • increase in fiber through naturally fiber-rich foods
  • contains “healthy fats”
  • reduction in sodium/salt
  • meets a specific dietary preference or need (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, etc.)
  • aims to adhere to the Dietary Guidelines, showcasing foods considered the basis of a healthy diet: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fat-free and low-fat dairy products, lean meats & seafood, beans & legumes, nuts and seeds
  • is a “recipe makeover” or “healthier” option of a traditionally high-calorie, low-nutrient recipe

Note: A small percentage of the site is reserved for more indulgent, splurge-worthy recipes – in most cases, desserts. While all of these dishes must fit the criteria listed above (i.e. a reduction in calories, a recipe makeover, etc.,) inclusion to the gallery does not imply that these dishes are the basis of a healthy diet. They are considered “extra” calories and as such, should be enjoyed on a limited basis. 

*This list is not exclusive criteria, but does provide a beginning framework for bloggers to consider if their post is a good fit for the site.


Why are there abbreviations in front of some recipe titles? Do I need to include those with my submi

The abbreviations help visitors to the site quickly scan the gallery for recipes that might meet a particular dietary preference or need. We prefer that you include descriptive information about the recipe in your Title during submission (example: “Gluten-Free Cornbread”). For submissions whose title does not include this information and we feel it will help our visitors, we use the following abbreviations:

[gf] = gluten-free

[vgn] = vegan

[nsa] = no sugar (sucrose/table sugar) added

[df] = dairy-free

[wg] = 100% whole-grain

[lc] = low carbohydrate


How will I know if my submission is accepted or declined?

If your image is accepted or declined, you will be notified by email.

You may also check the contents of your user gallery at any time using the following code and changing “your-username” to your actual username in the URL.

I noticed my image was posted, but my title was changed. Why?

While we try to maintain the integrity of the author’s original post title, occasionally we remove or edit words in titles if we feel there is a likely conflict over copyrighted terms, trademarks, etc., or if an inaccurate health/nutrition claim was made in the title (example: using “sugar free” for a recipe that should be labeled “no sugar added”.) 

Other than the general nutrition criteria, what are the criteria for accepting submissions?

We review each image for:
  • Appetite appeal
  • Lighting/exposure/white balance
  • Presentation/composition
  • Sharpness and quality of image

Specifically, we will reject images that contain:

  • Overexposure or underexposure lighting issues
  • Distracting or unappealing composition
  • Dull focus
  • Problems with white balance
  • Broken links to blog post
  • Work does not belong to you or is not attributed to original author
  • In general, we prefer images that are not cropped too tightly or shot at distracting angles


Where can I view my gallery?

All user-specific accepted submissions will be showcased on their individual gallery, which can be found at

Do I have to register with the site to submit?

Users with images posted to the site prior to 11/26/12, DO NOT have to register with the site. All usernames established prior to 11/26/12 have been transferred to the new site and should be used when submitting an image via the new password-protected submission process. The first time you visit the site after 11/26/12, you will need to use the "forgot password" function on the Submit page to retrieve & reset your password.

New users (those users who did not have images posted to the site prior to 11/26/12) should register with the site via the Submit page.

How long does it take for submissions to appear on the site?

Moderation can take as little as 24 hours or up to 1 week, but we aim to review all submissions as quickly as possible. 

Is there a site badge to promote my gallery on my blog?

Yes. Get a badge here

I have a post in my blog archive that I would like to submit. Is there a timeframe that submissions

No. As long as the submission meets the rules for submission, original date of post does not matter.

If I see an image I like, how can I find similar recipes?

Clicking the recipe title of any image in the gallery will take you to that image's dedicated post page on the Healthy Apeture site. On this page, you will see recommendations for similar images. You can also check the Categories page link from the navigation bar. 

My previously accepted images are no longer on the site. What should I do?

If you notice any of your images that were accepted & posted to site prior to 11/26/12 are no longer available, please notify us via the Contact page.

How do I crop my image to 250 x 250?

"How to" crop and export to a 250 x 250 image differs depending on what type of post processing software you use (iphoto, Aperture, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.). Please refer to the help section of your software for guidance. If you are unable to determine how to export a square 250 x 250 image from your current post processing software, we also recommend the free, online service -, which allows you to crop to a square and specify the dimensions of the image you'd like to save. 

(Note: a 250 x 250 image is square. If you are attempting to upload an image that it is NOT square, it is NOT a 250 x 250 image).


My food company or PR agency would like to work with you on a Sponsorship. Who do I contact?

With more than 5,000 bloggers submitting content to the site, is the only site of its kind devoted solely to healthy food blogs with high quality, visually appealing content moderated by registered dietitians. To learn more about how your brand or clients can amplify your health, nutrition and food marketing messages through the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network, please email Regan[at]HealthyAperture[dot]com. 

Are you currently accepting applications to join your Editorial Team or for Interns?

Yes. Please visit for more information.

What is the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network? How do I join?

In 2013 Healthy Aperture launched the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network -- the first sponsored blogger network devoted solely to healthy food blogs offering high quality, visually appealing content. Participation in the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network is exclusive to our contributors and connects them with brands for a variety of opportunities, including sponsored posts, giveaways, contests, social sharing promotions and more.

To join the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network, update your profile in the "accounts" section of the site by visiting

Do you accept Guest Posts on the Healthy Aperture Blog?

Yes! To submit a post for consideration, visit

Why am I getting an error when I try to submit?

The most common reason for errors when submitting to the site is the filename. Filenames should not include any special characters. Try removing any special characters from your filename and resubmit. If that does not resolve the problem, please contact us using the Contact page on the site.

How Can I Change My Username?

Usernames can't be changed through the site. Please contact us via the Contact page, and we'll be happy to assist you.